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This collection I would like to share with you and hope you like it.

After years of hiding I now let them fly …
MEMO was born in Turkey but grew up in Denmark.
Maybe these “Songs & Poems” reflect that special kind of mood on it’s way to you …
MEMO’s educations: DEN DANSKE FILMSKOLE/The National Film School of Denmark: graduated from Manuscript Line. University of Odense, Denmark: graduated as B. A. (cand. art) in Literature.
MEMO has made several short films and won awards for the films and his play “The God of Europe, Ramon.” Been to lot’s of film festivals and made many things on his way in life like theater, exhibitions, music, published poems.
MEMO still loves to do different things. He is a strange fruit looking for life.

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“Yes, I Am A Moslem. And So What?” BUY
“Ja, jeg er  muslim. Og hvad så?

This began as a video and text installation at Gallaeri Project, Copenhagen.

This little collection includes poems in Danish and English that was part of the exhibition and few photos.
This exhibition took place one year before the terrible cartoon crisis in Denmark!
If we keep our prejudices against each other cos of religion how will we ever be able to live in peace …

In Danish:

Denne lille samling udspringer af udstillingen: “Jeg er muslim og hvad så?” Udstillingen foregreb lidt “krisen,” der kom … Desværre.